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Acquiring market today is tough, competitive and location-independent. In order businesses to be able to enter new fields and conquer new horizons, it is crucial to be cost efficient, fast and moderately innovative. By taking into account all these 3 aspects, Coshine has developed and fully tested EastPay Acquiring solution.


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A flexible solution for everyone

EastPay® Acquring has been developed under the pressure of very demanding Asian market where every acquiring model must correspond to needs and SLA’s of banks and processing centres, in the best possible way.
Main features include:

Merchant Management
EastPay® provides a merchant acquiring solution to enable banks to acquire transactions from any merchant channel and forwards the transactions to the appropriate card network such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express or UnionPay, as well as performing settlement and reconciliation.
EastPay® can improve margins by helping to reduce losses and operational costs while allowing businesses to gain new opportunities.
  • Account setup and maintenance.
  • Multiple-level hierarchy provides the opportunity to group stores and locations uniquely for each merchant at set-up time, or during the life of the relationship, providing real-time reporting and parameter inheritance.
  • Configurable transaction-based, cycle-based, and user-defined fees enable acquirers to provide ultimate flexibility in pricing plans that will differentiate them from the competition.
  • Discount and participation may be set based on either net or gross volumes, flat or tiered, from the merchant level down to the individual transaction level.
  • Real-time posting enables acquirers to intercept and re-direct errant transactions, reducing the reconciliation load on the internal accounting department.
  • Intuitive online screens provide quick problem identification and resolution.
  • Configurable, template-based statements delivered to merchants via various channels.
ISO Management
ISO management enables acquirers to support a flexible hierarchy of merchants and to support flexible pricing rules. EastPay® enables users to meet the complex reporting and processing requirements of any sized merchant and ISO for greater competitive advantage.
  • ISO account setup and management
  • ISO contract and attachment management
  • Configurable transaction-based, cycle-based, and user-defined fees enable acquirers to provide ultimate flexibility in pricing plans for ISO
  • Authorization & clearing enhancement in line with card association requirements
  • Self-service reduces administrative costs by providing merchants and ISOs the option of secure online invoicing and statement access with email notifications to alert them to new documents
Clearing and Settlement
EastPay® Acquiring is a comprehensive merchant and terminal management system. EastPay® supports unlimited merchant and device hierarchies, an unlimited number of merchants and devices on every hierarchy level. Merchants can acquire transactions of various currencies and settles in different currencies.
Tiered merchant discount rates can be set for each merchant based on:
  • Tiered sales volumes
  • Gross total sales amount
  • Net total sales amount (less returns/refunds)

EastPay® supports a set of flexible rules for charging fees and discounts based on transaction types, transaction channel and user-defined conditions, and supports an unlimited number of events for charging fees.

Account Management and General Ledger
Merchants can settle via auto-credit facility, cash or cheque payments and can choose various billing cycle types and frequencies. Processors and banks can define multiple parameters for clearing conditions. Different settlement criteria can be defined and different settlement frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly) can also be defined. Inquiry functions and reports on transaction history, authorization and statements are available for tracking sales activities and payments due to merchants. Detailed merchant financial reports are broken down to merchant-outlet level with summary reports at headquarter (main branch) level.
Network Reconciliation
Reconciliation between EFT networks and EastPay® is catered for, as each EFT network connected to EastPay® provides a transaction file at the close of business as input to a reconciliation process. Transactions in EastPay® are then marked off against those supplied in the transaction file and reports are provided indicating the results of this process. Reconciliation between EastPay® and host systems is performed based on input files from the host (otherwise known as the core processing system).
EastPay® automates reconciliation between its record of transaction activity and that of third parties. It allows merchants to reconcile transaction records with the transaction activity files provided by external processors and networks, and with files from the channels in merchant environments. As a result of this comparison, four reports are generated and available to view to assist in investigating transaction exceptions:
  • Matched transactions
  • Matched but unequal transactions (i.e. amounts differ)
  • Transactions that are in the third-party reconciliation file but not in EastPay®
  • Transactions that occur in EastPay® but not in the third-party reconciliation file
Other Features
User Security
EastPay® provides Access Management in addition to OS level security. Access Management is an internal security function, as well as system administration parameters, that ensures only authorized personnel has access to the database, transactions and screens.

System Configuration
A parameter driven setup module that simply and efficiently creates a unique environment that eliminates many of the challenges often encountered during card processing implementations using other modules. This module allows users to set up all the parameters that will control the behavior and workings of the system.

Statistical Reporting
EastPay® includes many standard reports to assist in making business decisions and enables the rapid creation of other reports to meet more specific needs. The database schema is published so that developers can use third-party tools such as Crystal Reports to develop customized reports.

Availibility and flexibility

EastPay® is highly flexible, utilizes service-oriented architecture principles and achieves a high level (99.999%) of availability. Modularity of the solution allows our applications to be implemented as a complete solution, or as individual, or complimentary module to any existing payment engine infrastructure.


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