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Mobile wallets enable consumers to store payment card details in an app on their mobile device, which they can then use to make point-of-sale payments and, in some cases, online payments. With companies like Google, Apple and AliPay and other fast emerging alternatives, we see a continuous and steady shift in consumer behaviour, away from traditional (physical) payment methods to new technologies.


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possibly the fastest way to launch digital payments services

EastPay® offers a feature rich wallet with multichannel payment acceptance from any internet enabled device or eCommerce websites or portals, and processes those transactions with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Union Pay International, AliPay, PayPal to name a few. The platform also provides private digital payment tools to launch localized closed-loop payment mechanisms with own private label and branding.
EastPay® comprises a wallet server platform and a mobile software development kit (SDK/API) to be integrated into the bank or merchant’s mobile application.

key benefits

• Access millions of users, attract clients of other companies or banks from the internet and mobile space
• Create merchant networks and value added services that will differentiate you from other competitorse
• An easy and instant solution to receive payments and allow for mobile & online transactionse
• A one-stop solution for daily purchases, facilitating mobile and online shoppinge
• Meet key global security and compliance standardse
• Incentivise usage via rewards and discountse
• Eliminate long queues for bill paymente
• Free and easy access 24/7

Availibility and flexibility

EastPay® is highly flexible, utilizes service-oriented architecture principles and achieves a high level (99.999%) of availability. Modularity of the solution allows our applications to be implemented as a complete solution, or as individual, or complimentary module to any existing payment engine infrastructure.


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