EastPay® Switching

Modern banking business is very sensitive towards any downtimes and performance changes, no matter they are caused by. Even minor unavailability of system leads organisation towards major financial losses as well as impacts customers loyalty.


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Solution you can actually rely on

EastPay® Switch monitors connections across the network, ensuring reliable transaction routing. The system provides a single node to monitor all the information:

Monitors institution/network connections; changes institution to up or down indicating communication status.
Monitors each transaction received and replied to in the EastPay® system and displays the distribution of transaction types and error codes generated; provides the most current figures available from the system.
Monitors the switch system application/tasks status; runs a new task or stops current tasks; filters debug messages for a task.
Trace & Log Manager
Allows the operator to remove pending transactions from system queues to avoid backlogs due to host system failure.

I/O Management

EastPay® integrates multiple payment channels on a single platform interface and handles transactions acquired from real world devices including ATM, POS and MO/TO as well as the internet and mobile. EastPay® combines a payment gateway for e-commerce transactions and a payment SDK for mobile transactions, supporting smartphone payments seamlessly via QR Code.

Interfaces & APIs

EastPay® interfaces with peripheral systems, other business systems, and payment association networks, seamlessly supporting various transactions and services.

  • to Core Banking Systems
  • to Embossers, for the transmission of embossing files
  • to HSMs, for PIN & CVV/CVC generation/verification, PIN offset
  • between Switch and Payment Associations for various transactions
  • receipt and routing, as well as the exchange of settlement files
  • between other delivery channels

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